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Some watches are so iconic that they simply cannot be forgotten. For the customer looking for a timepiece that offers unparalleled history, DeWitt presents a collection of its most iconic watches, which can be produced on-demand and customised to the wearer’s discerning taste.


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Icons to Be Reborn

The DeWitt Icons is a collection of rare, historic, and coveted models. These are the creations that made DeWitt the famed watch Manufacture it is today. Combining incredible aesthetics with innovative technicality and high-horological complications, the DeWitt Icons collection features the Manufacture’s most illustrious watches, meticulously handcrafted by a team of skilled Master Watchmakers.

The Standard of Rarity

The Iconic Collection gives aficionados the opportunity to wear a watch that is as uncommon as it is famous. These are the inventive timepieces the world had never seen before – and hasn’t seen since. Each piece in the iconic creation is handcrafted on-demand at the DeWitt Manufacture, allowing customers to completely personalise their watch to their exact preferences. Own a precious, bespoke piece of watchmaking history.

Our Manufacture & brand value

Each timepiece is created in a constant search for beauty, outstanding quality, and the most advanced horological innovations.

The Manufacture fully integrates the extremely complex know-how required for the in-house production of its dials.

Our Manufacture & brand value
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