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DeWitt’s selection of luxury certified pre-owned DeWitt watches offers a new, sustainable way to join an exclusive club for watch aficionados. Only the best DeWitt watches are certified by a team of in-house watchmaking experts. This process guarantees a quality piece with a history – and a future that lies on the wrist of its new owner.








An Extensive Certification Process

Each of DeWitt’s certified pre-owned watches is acquired, restored, and certified in the Manufacture in Geneva, Switzerland, where a detailed process is performed by a team of skilled watchmakers. Every timepiece is opened and examined. Necessary updates and repairs take place in-house. Straps are changed, cases are polished, and the watches are given a new life. Finally, DeWitt’s certified pre-owned watches are appraised and given a two-year warranty and a certificate guaranteeing their authenticity and quality.

The Future In Your Hands

To own a certified pre-owned DeWitt watch is to own a timepiece with history. The future, however, is in your hands. This renewed collection of DeWitt’s watches guarantees a sustainable approach to luxury that gives new life to watches that have been previously cherished. By choosing a certified pre-owned DeWitt watch, you are choosing to make a statement about both your aesthetics and your ideals.

Our Manufacture & brand value

Each timepiece is created in a constant search for beauty, outstanding quality, and the most advanced horological innovations.

The Manufacture fully integrates the extremely complex know-how required for the in-house production of its dials.

Our Manufacture & brand value
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